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Full scholars (4):
  • Anamaria-M Isaia – Stamford School
  • Iris Marian – Reddam House
  • Dimitri-Bogdan Popa – Sherborne School
  • Oana-Georgiana Voicu – King William’s College IoM
Reduced fee scholar (1):
  • Beatrice Elene Gearba – Tettenhall College
Burse Academice pentru Elevi de Liceu

HMC – Projects in Central and Eastern Europe oferă elevilor oportunitatea de a petrece al treilea și al patrulea an de liceu (clasa a XI-a și a XII-a) într-o școala indepedentă din Marea Britanie, printr-o bursă pentru 2 ani care acoperă taxa școlară anuală, cazarea și cheltuielile de masă.

Burse Academice pentru Elevi de Liceu

Descriere program BURSE HMC
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Înscrierile pentru o nouă ediție a programului au fost deschise, urmând ca elevii selectați să studieze în Marea Britanie în anul școlar 2023-2024.

Programul de burse este oferit de Headmasters’ and Headmistress’ Conference, o asociație de școli independente din Marea Britanie. Prin participarea la program, elevii se familiarizează atât cu limba engleză, cât și cu sistemul boarding school, prin care tinerii locuiesc și studiază împreună.
Perioada de studii petrecută în Marea Britanie este recunoscută de Ministerul Educației și Cercetării Științifice. Parcurgerea unor examene de diferență va fi necesară, în funcție de materiile studiate în Marea Britanie

Criterii eligibilitate

Elevii interesați de înscrierea la aceste burse trebuie să îndeplineasca următoarele condiții de eligibilitate:

Elevii pentru care venitul părinților depășește suma de 30.000 de lire în anul 2022 pot aplica pentru o bursa parțială, urmând aceeași procedură de înscriere.

Inainte de a aplica, vă rugăm să citiți cu atenție termenii și condițiile programului de burse și informațiile pentru părinti și elevi

Arhiva documentelor in format WORD se poate descarca de AICI

Etapele și calendarul selecției

*Elevii admiși vor fi informați în termen de 30 de zile de la transmiterea formularului de înscriere.

Elevii admiși în etapa 1, trec prin următoarele etape:

Sesiune de informare despre programul de burse - vezi care sunt cele mai frecvente intrebari adresate de catre elevi, referitor la acest program

HMC Scholarship – FAQ

A: If you earn a full scholarship you will have to pay:

  • If you win a full scholarship your family will have to pay:
    • An administration fee of £1250 to HMC Projects;
    • The cost of the visa and healthcare surcharge (IHS);
    • Your travel costs to and from the UK.
    In case you win a partial scholarship, you will have to pay:
    • Reduced school fees – typically between £6,000 and £11,000 each year;
    • The cost of the visa and healthcare surcharge (IHS);
    • Your travel costs to and from the UK.
    In addition, schools in the UK will require you to appoint a guardian who may be a relative or family friend who must be resident in the UK. Using a UK guardianship agency for a suitable guardian can be expensive.
A: If you are in the 10th grade, you can submit your application, but start with lower chances because we look at compatibility and age and concern with possible British colleagues.
A: We encourage you to specify this in the application form, and after a possible selection, the commission will consider the aptitudes and wishes of each student.

A: The experience of the schools is immersive, those who will be selected go to the respective schools that offer them boarding. They have to be with their colleagues, it’s part of the experience. In addition, it is hard to assume that you will be in the same city as your relative(s), the winning scholar can reach anywhere from London to the Isle of Wight and Edinburgh to Cambridge.

A: If you are in one of these situations, the income statement will be filled in with the income of the parent or the legal tutor of the student.

A: After high school, students get A-levels or AS-levels depending on school, enough for admission to an Anglo-Saxon faculty, as A-levels are recognized not only in the UK but also in many other countries. There are also very few schools, about 4-5 out of a hundred that make IB (International Baccalaureate), in which case it is equivalent in Romania. Generally, few students returning to Romania with A-levels have to support the Romanian Baccalaureate, but in most cases, they manage to continue their academic studies at British faculties or other European faculties that recognize those diplomas.

A: We do not impose a theme because we want every essay to be as personal as possible, and the story of each is different. Each success story contains the following things in general: a story of personal development, a very strong argument about how to link the possible future experience in the UK to their present experience, an argument about willingness to learn and flexibility in a new environment.

A: The essay can be written either handwritten or electronic, it’s your choice. In any case, the documents have to be signed by hand, so you will need to print them.

A: The administrative fee must be paid only by students who earn a full scholarship. The deadline for the payment is 1st of July 2023.

A: It is not mandatory to stay in the second year, but to get the scholarship will have priority candidates who intend to spend two years in the UK. The Scholarship Agreement is signed by the initial scholarship winners for one year, with the possibility of renewal if both parties agree (student and school).

A: Financial Declaration Form is sent along with all documents in Stage I.

A: Program high schools can be found at this link

A: All documents are completed in English.

A: You do not have to take a difference exam.

A: School assignments will be made by the evaluation committee according to the areas of interest of students and their passions.

If, however, you are applying for a reduced fee scholarship then you can apply to up to four of the schools offering a reduced fee scholarship. In this case you choose which of these schools to apply to. Each school then chooses which applicants it wishes to award a reduced fee scholarship to. It is a competitive process with typically 50 or so students applying for a total of about 25 places.

A: The completion of prestigious schools like the HMC program will surely open the gates of the world’s most famous universities for you.

A: If the school cannot give you the report written in English, a translation is required.

A: If you want to study Math, the Math form should be completed by your Math teacher. Same if you want to study English. In this cases, the Principal/Tudor/Class Teachers will fill the two recommendation letter. Otherwise, the teacher will complete the Principal/Tutor/Class Teacher recommendation and you can ask another teacher to complete the other forms

For more information, please check the Students FAQ on the HMC website